Some Popular Pie Safe Store

The pie safe is being bought by most of the people today. The antique furniture is again in vogue nowadays and some people are really crazy about having a good collection of this furniture in their homes. For them, the pie safe is the best option while buying furniture. The pie safe that is made today are not only well made but are also durable –which not only lasts for long but also gives your home a great look. It adds to the modern home an antique touch and hence, can be thought of as a fusion of the modern and the classic when considered altogether. The Pie Safe Store has a large variety of these products with a modern touch in finish and design.

Today, the people mostly search online for the Pie Safe Store. In the online stores one gets a wide variety of the pie safe. Some of the most popular among them are discussed below. The pie safe from the Catskill Craftsmen is a double door one which is not only simple but also clean and extremely durable. It is primarily built from the Northern Yellow Birch and is assembled. The dimensions of the pie safe come – 30” wide, 48” high and 14”deep. The panels on the side and back are constructed with veneer which is warp resistant. The interior of the safe has adjustable shelves and they are four in number. This can be used both in the kitchen and in the living room for the storage purposes. The overall quality of the product is good and is manufactured in the US. The next is the Simpli Home Warm Shaker Medium Pie Safe which has a classic design and the style of construction is a fusion of the modern with the classic. The most attractive thing about the pie safe is the rich brown finish with a color of honey.  The interior has two shelves and the exterior consists of two cubicles. The glass door enhances the look of the showcase. Having an overall view this pie safe is of a top notch quality.

One will be able to find such Pie Safe Store on the online sites, where one can search through different and varied designs of the pie safe along with the color and polishes of the pie safe. One can have a view of large varieties of the pie safe from where they can select the desired ones and buy them for their houses.

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