Where to buy essay tea?

Essiac tea is synonymous with health and longevity. Its antioxidant components are so many and so important that it seems unnecessary to highlight each of its many benefits on different organs and body systems. However, it never hurts to remember how a refreshing infusion of essiac tea can relieve you of some of the most frequent health problems, in a fast and natural way.

As you should know, tea is a beverage with enormous health benefits, which has been used for centuries to treat different diseases. At present, it is the second most consumed beverage in the world, and it is preferred both for its flavor and for its incredible medicinal properties, which are already popular knowledge. We will tell you where to buy essay tea? Among the healing benefits that are awarded, is the ability to lower cholesterol. Are you interested in how you can achieve it? Take note of the following paragraphs.

Where to buy essay tea?

Benefits of tea for high cholesterol

According to the scientific evidence collected from different investigations, it has been known that tea can reduce LDL cholesterol levels and, in addition, can prevent DNA damage, the main cause of multiple diseases, very associated with cancer and heart disease. All its healing power is centered on a type of potent antioxidants called catechins. The most recent study to study the beneficial effects of tea on cholesterol was carried out by Dr. Joseph Judd, director of the Research Center of the Department of Agriculture and Human Nutrition of Beltsville, Maryland.

This research consisted in giving 8 men and 8 women to drink, during 3 weeks, a diet that included 5 cups a day of tea or a placebo drink with tea flavor. After this time, the blood lipid levels of each of the volunteers were measured. The researchers found up to 10% less LDL cholesterol, in those who had consumed tea. In this study green tea was used to verify this benefit, but in fact all varieties of Camellia sinens is are beneficial, although some are even more so. Do you want to know what they are? Pay attention to the following lines.

What does the essiac tea works for?

To learn more about the 25 main benefits of essiac tea and turn to them when you need them, follow the corresponding links. In this way, you will find information in particular, of each effect of essiac tea in favor of your health. We will tell you where to buy essay tea?

25 benefits of essiac tea

1.- Reduces the risk of cancer.

2.- Prevents cardiovascular diseases.

3.- Combat aging.

4.- Help to lose weight.

5.- Prevents wrinkles.

6.- Reduces the risk of arthritis .

7.- Strengthens the bones.

8.- Help lower cholesterol.

9.- Prevents obesity .

10.- It’s good for diabetes.

11.- Strengthens memory .

12.- Protects against Parkinson’s disease.

13.- It is a hepatoprotector.

14.- Prevents hypertension.

15.- Protects from food poisoning .

16.- Reduce blood glucose levels.

17.- Stimulates immunity .

18.- Avoid flu and colds.

19.- Relieves asthma .

20.- Fight infections in the ears.

21.- Contribute in the treatment against herpes.

22.- Prevents cavities.

23.- Reduce stress.

24.- Relieves allergies .

25.- Mitigate HIV.

Do you know any other benefit of essiac tea for health?

Every day new benefits are added to essiac tea that makes it a panacea for health. I invite you to enjoy this video where its best uses and applications are numbered.

Properties of organic essiac tea

Organic essiac tea has a great antioxidant power, this property characteristic of essiac tea is due to the so-called “polyphenols”. The polyphenols are up to 30% of the total weight of a single sheet of essiac tea, so organic essiac teawe could say that when you are sipping a cup of essiac tea, you are actually taking a strong infusion of polyphenols. So, it is logical to think that this delicious brew is highly beneficial for health, if we know that we are consuming a large amount of antioxidants which protect the body from free radicals that are affecting our health. And maybe you wonder, what do antioxidants do for my health? Here the answer to this question…

  • Improves the body’s immune system
  • Maintains a constant struggle against the signs of natural aging
  • Maintains a healthy digestion
  • Allow your brain and liver to be healthier
  • Well, now let’s see a little more specifically the benefits that organic essiac tea provides:
  • It is a contributor to the regulation of cholesterol levels, so that the body absorbs less fat
  • It prevents the formation of clots in the blood, because it inhibits a substance that is released by platelets called thromboxane, which causes platelets to form thrombi.
  • Prevents the formation of caries since it has a high fluoride content
  • Because it contains a low caloric content, it is an excellent drink that replaces carbonated beverages
  • Hydrates the skin because it allows the oxygenation of cells and capillaries
  • Helps alleviate diarrhea since it has an astringent effect due to its content of “tannins”
  • Stimulates and clears the mind, but beware of excessive consumption because it can disturb the nerves.

Where to buy essay tea?

Essiac is the least processed variety of tea, which is why it is considered to preserve the antioxidant content to the maximum. For this reason, the researchers point out that the best variety to lower cholesterol. Essiac tea has the ability to eliminate toxins and reduce lipids in your body, helping to regulate cholesterol levels and arterial function. To get your healing benefits, drink a cup of white tea 25 minutes after meals.

So, it is definitely a good option to drink organic essiac tea both to eliminate drinks not recommended for health and to help improve health itself. In summary, taking this infusion provides a better quality of life, because you receive all the benefits of the antioxidants contained in essiac tea leaves. It is also possible to prepare quick infusions that allow you to maintain the focus and energy you need throughout the day.

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