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 SEO sounds like an executive post officer in some prestigious firm, right? Well don’t get confused, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. Let us start with what is SEO? It is a marketing strategy concentrated on increasing the detection of “organic” search engine results. To put in context, the word “organic” implies that search results should be based on relevance to the search terms rather resulting from paid advertisements. The strategy encircles both technical and creative aspects needed to achieve three basic goals; to improve the rankings, to drive the traffic to your website and to expand the awareness in search engines. There are certain techniques like using specific terms and phrases to drive the traffic to your website or using different marketing strategy which lead to the optimization of your website.

Types of SEO

There are three kinds of SEOs commonly known as a White hat, Grey hat and Black hat. In addition to these, another strategy which comes under these criteria is the Negative hat.

Hat, isn’t this a funky name given to something related to marketing technique types? But that’s how marketing strategies work, right? Well, there’s the logic behind this name which, on unfolding, comes out as unique. Remember, how a villain used to wear a black hat in old Hollywood movies and a white hat was worn by the hero, the same reference is used here while naming the types of SEOs. The white hat consists of characteristics which are better than the black hat on some aspects while the grey hat is a mix of both the extremes. The negative hat is malpractice used to increase the viewership of your website. Confused? Let us try to understand the difference between these four classifications further.


White hat

White hat strategy firmly sticks to search engine guidelines. It leads to delayed results and high cost, but at the same time, it has a lasting effect since you abide by the rules. It is less risky and the most valuable of all.


Black hat

This practice does not stick to search engine guidelines. The good part about this strategy is that the results are shown quite swiftly, but simultaneously, it is less valuable since you limit yourself from following the rules and laws. Though it costs much lesser than the White hat, it is very risky to operate.


Grey hat

As described earlier, it is in the middle of both extremes. It deals with moderate cost as well as risk, while the value and time to upload the results are moderate too.

Negative hat


Negative hat

It is an act of unprofessional behavior where you put a combination of grey hat and black hat together on someone else’s website to cause harm. This results in the increased space for your website and hence reducing the competition.


Apart from these classifications, SEOs can be classified based on where the link for your website appears. There are two types known as on-page SEO and off-page SEO by Harrisburg Seo Company. The kingpin of the former is its website, and the objective is to provide ease of use and availability of your website while off-page SEO deals with the use of external links for your website.


Summing up, Harrisburg Seo Company provides an online way to increase the viewership of a company’s website and to increase its popularity. In terms of approach to optimization and methods used, there are several marketing strategies to improve the visibility and accessibility of your website.


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