Umashankar Tiwari- The Conman Who Duped Lakhs From Devotees While Being In Jail

Big events usually lead to frauds. In most cases, the bigger a supposed social project gets, the bigger is the chances of frauds related to the project. In recent times, the Kumbh Mela became a part of fraud and trafficking of lakhs of rupees. A number of businessman and officials of the tourism department were caught in a fake tender case for the Kumbh Mela. After investigation, umashankar tiwari was revealed to be the mastermind.

The Story

The internet can be beneficial but the misuse of technology is a great concern. Few fraudsters passed a tender on the internet related to Kumbh Mela tourism luring thousands of devotees and scamming them for millions of rupees. They extracted money from these devotees in the name of a tour to the fare along with a documentary production.

When the UP tourism officials came to know about the fake tenders, they circulated a message regarding the truth but it was too late. The authorities came to know about the incident and after investigating arrested several businessmen and officials. It was revealed that Tiwari was the mastermind behind the fraud along with two others.

The total amount extracted from the victims has not been announced but it has been estimated that the amount is in crores of rupees, most of which were already trafficked. The case exposed the vulnerability and ineffectiveness in the UP tourism management.

Though many people have been expected, the list of accomplices in the case has not been identified yet.

The Bigger Story

Frauds are nothing new but the main story behind this case was how umashankar tiwari and others carried out the fraud. While the fake tenders were passed through the internet, they were jailed for previous crimes. They had access to computers and the internet while being imprisoned and without leaving their place carried out a scam of millions of rupees.

Tiwari conned people in the name of the ruling government. He also duped a filmmaker in the name of documentary production and looted nearly 35 lakh rupees. Tiwari was already an indicted criminal for forgery and scam and conveniently carried out the operation right under the nose of government and the police.

This is a cause of concern among the general public as well as the authorities, because if a convict can easily carry out a scam of millions while imprisoned, how can fraudulent who are still free be stopped?


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